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Elegant, single-variety Sangiovese. Not overloaded, not artificial. Fine notes of dark cherries, red fruits, figs, rosemary, thyme. On the palate, ripe, well-integrated tannins. Well-integrated acidity and alcohol result in a very round, harmonious overall picture.

ALCOHOL: 14,5 %vol.
SERVING TEMPERATURE: In summer, serve at 16 °C, and in the cooler seasons, at 18 °C.
Grape variety: SangioveseQuality: Chianti Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita DOCGOverall production: 6000 bottlesAlcohol: 14,5 %vol.Serving temperature: Tempered in summer at 16 °C, and in the cooler seasons at 18 °C.

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As a pure Sangiovese, this wine too preserves a piece of Tuscany and guides its wine culture towards the future. For all its deep roots, it is an elegant wine that by no means refuses a contemporary interpretation.


Enjoy this wonderful red wine best with a truly good meat dish. It pairs wonderfully with a nice steak, such as a Bistecca alla Fiorentina, but also with game or braised dishes, as we know and love them both in Tuscany and South Tyrol. It is always a fine drinking experience and its character and accolades make it an asset for any delightful meal with friends and family.


The grapes for our Ulrico wine come from the higher locations of our estate. The Vigna del Poggino and the upper sections of the Vigna della Casa and Vigna del Cimitero vineyards produce wonderfully diverse and rich grapes from soils that can differ widely. The grapes are harvested by hand and very carefully laid in. Fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature in steel or concrete tanks. Malolactic acid conversion occurs partly during fermentation or immediately thereafter. Our Chianti DOCG is further improved with a spell of some eight months in tonneau-type casks. After bottling, the wine is bottle-aged for at least one year.


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